Content Management Systems

Custom CMS tailored to your specific business needs

A CMS that is intuitive, powerful and easy to use

A good Content Management System can make website management a breeze. You can handle the design, code, content, graphics and other aspects of your website without any hassles at all.

Here at Mejora Infotech, we work closely with our clients to create customized Content Management System (CMS). You tell your business needs and other requirements, and we create a tailored CMS that is perfectly suitable for you.

You can even tell us about the CMS of your choice and we will customize it for you. Alternatively, we can build an entire CMS from the ground-up and add all the right features and plug-ins.

Our custom Content Management solutions are flexible, scalable and endlessly customizable. So when you use our custom CMS, we can evolve the CMS over time as your business needs evolve.

What WeOffer

  • Ease of Use Icon: Content Management by Mejora Infotech
    Ease of use

    Most CMS feature a poor interface or lackluster looks. They are also hard to use and may require some degree of technical expertise.

    Our CMS solutions are different. They look awesome, they offer a powerful functionality, they are incredibly easy to use and you don’t need a lot of technical know-how to use them anytime and anywhere you want.

  • Built just for you Icon: Designed exclusively for your needs
    Built just for you

    We offer customized CMS solutions. This means that our CMS solutions are tailored to your needs. You tell us about the features you require, the plug-ins that should be added, your traffic volume, your content update requirements and other details. And we craft a CMS that can integrates and handles all of this, and more.

  • Tailored Content Management Solutions by Mejora Infotech: Designed exclusively for your needs
    Scalable and Flexible

    In time, your business is bound to grow. And so is your customer base, the volume of website visitors, and the general content portfolio of your website. We understand that, which is why our CMS solutions are highly flexible and scalable.

    This means that as your business grows, you can add more plug-ins and additional functionality to the CMS without any hassles.

  • Migrating to a CMS Icon | Mejora Infotech
    Migrating to a CMS

    So you already have a website and would like to migrate it to a CMS? We can take care of it. Simply tell us the CMS solution of your choice or let us build one just for you. We will migrate the website to the CMS, retain all the content and functionality, and add new details if you ask for it. We make the entire process quick, seamless, and efficient.

  • Customized CMS Theme | Mejora Infotech
    Your Own Customized CMS Theme

    Do you want a CMS that has a fully customized theme? Or perhaps you already have a design which you would like to adopt as the theme of your choice? No problem at all. Simply share your preferences or designs with us and we will craft a CMS solution with your theme.

Why Mejora Infotech

How do we help you grow?

A Content Management System is a means to an end. Its ultimate purpose is to give your website visitors an excellent user experience and make your website an efficient extension of your business. We understand that. This is why we craft content management solutions with an eye to your specific business needs. Ultimately, each content management solution we create is meant to augment your business presence, customer base, online presence and revenues.

Reliable and Safe Solutions Icon: Symbolizing our trustworthy and secure offerings for your needs
Reliable and Safe Solutions

Along with the design and functionality of CMS, we take their security and reliability very seriously. Our developers rigorously ensure that all CMS solutions we create meet strict security protocols and standards.

Business Analytics Icon: Representing our data-driven insights for informed and effective decision-making.
Business Analytics

Is your website traffic on the rise or declining? What geographical area do most of your visitors come from? These and other numbers can help you make important business decisions. So we can add the right Analytics plug-ins and tools to let you glean important insights through the CMS.

Cost-Efficient World-Class CMS Icon: Highlighting our premium content management system at affordable rates
World-Class CMS with Low Costs

Compared to your local developers, we offer you world-class CMS solutions at the fraction of the costs. This applies to the development costs as well as the maintenance costs, should you choose to stay with us over long-term.

CMS Maintenance Icon: Depicting our dedicated support for sustaining and optimizing CMS
CMS Maintenance

We like to go the extra mile for each of our clients. So after we deliver a CMS solution, we offer you long-term and highly affordable CMS maintenance. This way, you can tell us whatever new plug-ins, features or changes you require in the CMS, and we make it happen quickly.