Dedicated Hiring

Tailored talent to meet your design and development needs

Dedicated hiring lets you hire offshore talent that exactly matches your requirements. When done right, this talent seamlessly integrates with your in-house staff. And you are able to communicate and interact in real-time to ensure that they deliver exactly what you need.

Here at Mejora Infotech, we specialize in dedicated hiring services. We connect you with the right professionals and teams. You can choose from hourly and fixed price models. You can also choose a time zone, work schedule and payment method that best suits you. We are incredibly flexible and can work with your exact specifications.

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What We Offer

World-Class Talent for your projects
  • World-Class Professionals Icon | Mejora
    World-Class Professionals:
    Our designers and developers are experts in their respective areas. Each has many years of experience and a long portfolio of impressive projects to his name. Our professionals have an unwavering commitment to quality, and an expertise in the cutting-edge tools.
  • Hourly or Fixed Price Models Icon | Mejora Infotech
    Hourly or Fixed Price Models:
    Do you have a small development job that needs to be done? Try our fixed price model. It’s incredibly affordable and gives you the most return on your money. If you are looking for long-term hiring, the hourly model will best suit you. We work with both models and will help you choose the one that perfectly suits your needs.
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    We highly value transparency in all our dealings. We ensure that you are able to monitor the progress of our teams in real-time. Through daily timesheets and milestones, you are able to ensure timely delivery. In short, you pay for what you get.
  • Comprehensive Project Management Icon | Mejora Infotech
    Comprehensive Project Management:
    You choose a project management platform and we will integrate our professionals and teams with it. This is done to ensure that our dedicated teams truly act as an extension of your in-house staff.

Why Choose Us

You pay only for the measureable work done
  • No Setup Costs Icon | Mejora Infotech
    No Setup Costs:
    The whole point of dedicated hiring is to trim down your costs. So when you choose one of our teams, there are absolutely no setup costs. You pay only for the work done. At the same time, you get access to all our resources such as IT infrastructure.
  • Tailored Talent Icon | Mejora Infotech
    Tailored Talent:
    Our in-house teams include web application developers, front-end experts, mobile app developers as well as other professionals. You tell us your exact requirements: the platforms you prefer, the focus area of the project and other details. And we will furnish professionals who will exactly meet your requirements and offer the right skill sets. No comprises, no mismatches.
  • Highly Affordable Icon | Mejora Infotech
    Highly Affordable:
    Compared to your local professionals, our dedicated teams are a lot more affordable. You don’t have to spend on setup costs and you get to pay a lot less for a lot more work. We absolutely guarantee the affordability of our services.
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    100% Privacy Guaranteed:
    We treat your communications, project details and all other data with the utmost privacy. All the team members sign NDAs to legally respect this privacy.
  • Seamless Integration Icon | Mejora Infotech
    Seamless Integration:
    When working with us, it’s as if you are working with a team located in the next room. We make this possible by seamlessly integrating our teams with your projects. These teams essentially become an extension of your in-house staff. Through real-time communications, daily discussions, regular milestones and complete transparency, we truly bridge the geographical distance.