Front-End development are all about user experience. This means they have to offer the right functionality elegantly and look great across multiple screens. We accomplish this by combining form and function in a beautiful whole.

Whether you are seeking a revamp of your front-end interface or wish to create on from scratch, we have got you covered. We will develop a front-end interface, design it brilliantly and customize it exactly for your needs.

What We Offer

You pay only for the measureable work done
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    Rapid Loading:

    A key aspect of front-end UI development is the loading speed. In fact, search engines like Google today consider page load speeds in determining page rankings.

    So we strive to create front-end interface that offer all the functionality and brilliant looks without being slow. As a result, your users get incredibly fast loading web apps.

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    Perfect for all screens:

    If your website looks awesome in a browser but jittery on a smartphone screen, it offers a poor overall user experience. This is why we create front-end interface that look perfect across multiple devices and screen sizes.

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    Customized User Experience:

    We work with you to identify your target audience and then create front-end web apps that are customized to their preferences. We tailor the interfaces to the taste, preferences and trends of this audience. So when your users check out your website or apps, they experience the WoW factor that will stand your business apart.

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    Pixel-Perfect Websites:

    Details matter. Especially so when you are trying to provide a great and intuitive user experience. We understand that. This is why we take care of the tiniest details in our front-end development projects.

How Do We Do It

javascript iconJavascript

Looking for a truly interactive, functional and great looking front-end interface? JavaScript offers all of this and more. Our JavaScript experts draw on this powerful platform to create highly interactive apps, ranging from online games to interactive videos. JavaScript is the perfect tool to present your products or services in a highly interactive way to hook your users right away.

html5 iconHTML5
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HTML5 is the perfect tool to create fast and functional websites with a huge range of functionality. It is perfect for crafting a tailored user experience packing all the features you would like to offer.

Frameworks We Use

Here at Mejora Infotech, we are adept at using a wide range of frameworks to create the perfect front-end development solutions. If you want us to work with a specific framework, tell us. If not, let us work with you to identify the perfect framework for you. We will do this by gathering all your requirements and then testing various options to see the best fit. Ultimately, the choice will be made depending on which platform can help us create the best possible solution for you.

  • Javascript
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Foundation
  • HTML 5
  • Angular JS
  • React JS
  • Jquery
  • Bootstrap
  • SCSS

Why Mejora Infotech

  • Multi-platform Support: We handcraft tailored front-end interfaces for you. In doing so, we work with multiple platforms to choose the best. And the solutions we create are perfect across multiple platforms and devices. This ensures a consistently brilliant user experience.
  • Lean Coding: While delivering you perfection, we also make sure that the work behind the scenes also conforms to excellence and top quality. We accomplish this by creating a lean and powerful code that packs a punch without using any more resources than are absolutely necessary.
  • Seamless Work Integration: Are you looking for an entire front-end team or only a few professionals to join your in-house team? We will make it happen. We work with multiple time zones, payment models and project management platforms. This allows us to seamlessly integrate our professionals with you and begin work in no time.

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